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The electronic wiring harness/cable industry is chaotic, how to choose the purchase?

Wire and cable processing and manufacturing industries have mixed production qualifications
Failure to obtain ISO9000 system certification and safety UL certification has brought major quality and safety hazards to customers’ products
There is a need for healthy competition among enterprises, but unhealthy competition such as shoddy goods, cutting corners and malicious prices is rampant in the industry.
Does not have the concept of lean production, no 7S management, serious on-site chaos and waste, and high production costs
Enterprises cannot build a learning team, and there is no way to upgrade the wiring harness industry products.
In the face of the global financial crisis, the electronic wiring harness processing industry is not focused and will be weak in development, and the prospects are worrying

Tang Hongsen is not only customized, but also an expert in intelligently connected solutions

Integrate five core advantages of design and development/lean production/engineering technology/supply chain management/sincere service

Design and development capabilities

Become a smart connected solution expert

Lean production capability

The core of lean production: determining production goals, drawing up production plans, rapid production and processing, and removing all unnecessary waste.

Engineering technical ability

Tang Hongsen’s engineers are not only very professional in the processing principles of wire harnesses, but also have received professional training in equipment manufacturers’ factories!

Supply chain management capabilities

The supply chain operation of the Tang Hongsen wiring harness manufacturer has been optimized, with the least cost, so that the supply chain starts with procurement, and finally satisfies all customers’

Service system capability

Tang Hongsen Harness Factory has established a complete service system standard and has a complete service system process



BMS terminal line

Battery PACK terminal line

Industrial Servo Line

New energy wiring harness

Smart home wiring harness


Smart home wiring harness

Smart home wiring harness

New energy wiring harness

New energy wiring harness

New energy wiring harness

New energy wiring harness

New energy wiring harness

New energy wiring harness

Industrial Servo Line

Industrial Servo Line

Industrial Servo Line

Industrial Servo Line

Battery PACK terminal line

Battery PACK terminal line

Battery PACK terminal line

Battery PACK terminal line

About Tang Hongsen

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Shenzhen Tanghongsen Electronics Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer specializing in the production of various specifications of terminal wires, rehearsal wires, gray cables, electronic leads, enameled wires, speaker wires, and electrical connections. The company is located in Mingchang Industrial Park, No. 191, Guanping Road, Guanlan Town, Longhua District, Shenzhen, with convenient transportation, strong technical force, advanced wire harness processing equipment, excellent production capacity and quality assurance.

The company was established on June 5, 2008, and obtained the national high-tech enterprise certification and certificate in October 2017. The company has many independent patents and certificates. The company adheres to the concept of "survive by quality and development by management" to "challenge with zero defects" and provide customers with the highest quality products.


Tang Hongsen Electronics was established in


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Tang Hongsen--Only produce customized connecting wires that you are most satisfied with

Professional design, research and development, production and sales of various wiring harnesses, connector manufacturers

National Free Service Hotline:

188 1899 5619

Quality wiring harness, connector design and production strength manufacturer

With an innovative, honest and pragmatic work attitude, with the purpose of implementing brand strategy

Fifteen Focus on high-quality cable manufacturing

● Focus on manufacturing and production of connecting wire industry for 15 years

● Have multiple vertical injection molding machines, automatic terminal machines, imaging detectors, misalignment detectors and other advanced equipment

● Adopt advanced processing technology from European and American companies

● Equipped with professional technical personnel and excellent service team

● Selected original materials such as Molex, AMP, JST, Sumitomo, etc.

High-end products,Mid-range price, the most affordable

● Persist in cost control from raw materials to production process

● Provide customers with high-quality and reasonable prices, surpassing prices by value

● Processed products cover a wide range, complete specifications, and have obvious advantages in comprehensive cost

● From the incorporation of the parts to the delivery of the finished product, the quality record of the whole process, with traceable control

International quality management certification,Guarantee product quality

● Passed UL, ISO9000, ISO14000, TS16949 and other certifications

● High standard requirements for factory management system and quality system

● Strictly follow safety and environmental protection standards and regulations, and each product has passed European and American testing standards

● Good quality = standard production + strict control’

High efficiencyAnd a perfect service system

High efficiency and perfect service system

● Tang Hongsen has 15 years of production experience and a professional production team

● Complete quality inspection and management system, 22 years of professional team service, let you choose worry-free

● 24/7 quick response mechanism to solve professional technical questions as soon as possible

● Professional after-sales team, regular return visits, regular satisfaction surveys, truly worry-free after-sales

One-stop cable customization service expert

Provide a full range of OEM ODM services to fully meet the needs of various industries

Customer calls for consultation
Both parties confirm
the design plan
Planning and drawing
Prototype making
and customer verification
Both parties
sign a contract
Small batch trial production
and customer verification
Mass production
Whole process
quality assurance
product delivery

● Ten years of focus on wiring harnesses, connectors, high-quality suppliers

● Advanced technology and equipment, multiple processes, quality assurance!

● Products have passed quality management standards to ensure product quality

● Professional after-sales team, attentive service for you

Many Fortune 500 companies choose Tang Hongsen as their supply chain partner


Tang Hongsen-the world's leading manufacturer of wiring harness / focus on electronic wiring harness customization / lean production manufacturer
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