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Precautions for installation of servo cables

:2021-01-14 :170

In order for the servo cable to play an ideal role in the correct connection, the correctness and rationality of the cable during the installation process is very important. If the installation process is wrong, it will directly affect the use of the later cable function. So what are the specific matters that need to be paid attention to during the installation of the servo cable?

(1) Don't drag hard while moving

Although protective measures have been taken during the production process of the cable, the constructor did not pay attention to the control of the pulling force during the movement of the cable, which easily caused the cable to be excessively stretched and the inner core of the cable fell off, which affected the use of the cable. performance. What needs to be reminded here is that in the process of moving and pulling the cable, we must pay attention to the amount of force to avoid excessive tension.

(2) Protection of the connector

The cable connection needs to be attached to the connector connector. Once there is a problem with the connector, the entire cable will be unusable. The connector protection needs to pay attention to the following points:

1. In order to avoid collision between the connector and other objects, it needs to be wrapped with cloth strips or old newspapers to reduce the impact of the collision on the connector;

2. If you don't wrap the connector, you can surround the connector and use the cable to protect the connector to avoid squeezing and collision;

(3) Environmental treatment at the installation site

In the process of cable installation, in addition to the protection of the cable itself, the environmental treatment of the installation site is also a very important matter. Be sure to use special cables that can adapt to the installation environment according to the situation, such as waterproof, oil-proof, high-temperature resistance, low-temperature resistance, and so on. The use of cables is mainly for power transmission. In addition to the attributes of the product itself, it also needs to be handled in the environment of the installation site.

(4) Don't use sharp tools

In the process of cable installation, some installation tools may be used to play an auxiliary role. In this process, you need to remind everyone that you must not use sharp tools to prevent accidental damage to the cable. The outer layer of the cable is insulated. Once the layer is destroyed, it will easily lead to electric leakage, causing immeasurable serious consequences.

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