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The installation and use of the baffle and the partition in the terminal

:2021-01-16 :155

Terminals often need baffles and partitions during use. Under normal circumstances, the functions of these two accessories are different. Tang Hongsen reminds us that it can be flexible if there is no choice under certain circumstances. in use. 1. Baffle: The baffle is usually used at the end of the terminal to close the exposed metal part of the terminal. Its function is to imitate the entry of dust and slow down the oxidation speed of the accessories. A baffle is also needed to install products of different specifications on the same rail. At this time, the function of the baffle is to separate terminals of different specifications.

2. Separator: Separator is used for the spacing between the same group of terminals, and its main function is to prevent short circuits when using terminal connectors.

In special cases, due to the lack of the partition, we can also use the baffle instead of the partition. You only need to configure the baffle where the partition needs to be inserted, so that the baffle can have the same effect as the partition, but The only thing to note is that because the baffle has a thickness, it needs to take up a certain amount of space when the baffle is used instead of the baffle. On the other hand, the baffle cannot replace the baffle. Due to the design, the baffle cannot close the exposed part of the entire terminal. Therefore, it should be used reasonably in circuit construction.

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